The foundational manifest of S.U.A.R.P.I.

Hereby, we the members of the Supranational United Administration of Resources for Prosperity Improvement, declare the full subscription under the following concepts as a whole understanding of the world and our common and particular activities.

Food and shelter.

Since a man is a man, each one had the possibility to get his own food or do his best to provide the basic needs of his family using his own resources and in an independent way.

The planet by itself provides whatever animal species with everything it needs, as long as all free animals can get their food and can cover their needs.

The same can be said about shelter. The right of having your home the way you want to have it or construct it is a must. And as in the previous case, whatever animal can freely provide itself with shelter which better matches its needs.

Food and shelter

We claim for human beings independence of food production and the right to get or build a roof over their heads in an independent way, with no other restriction than respect for others.

Those are the most basic needs of each human being, and they shall be guaranteed. The way of satisfying them shall be fully allowed and empowered.

Education and culture.

Education is a basic need for the natural development of any community and, of course, of any and all individuals.

Good and quality education and a wide and deep understanding of culture and knowledge can bring much good for humanity.

Education and culture

And of course this concrete aspect is controlled in the major part of the world. They do not give a full and well-adapted education but create submissive individuals, easy to be manipulated and cheated. Individuals without enough knowledge or criteria to understand the world they live in, and without posibility to perform their activities according to their best capabilities.

Both private interests and governmental ones deteriorate the noblest concepts of education and culture. They convert them into an instruction depending on economic powers, lobbies, power groups with narrow thinking. Or just simply turning these concepts into extended doctrines.

We strongly believe that these educational systems ruin the creativity and the individual capabilities making no good at all to the whole humanity.

Social matters.

In many places we can hear about social problems or social programs to fight against such problems.

Most of them are well intentioned, but sadly not all them. And almost all of them forget some basic issues without which, these efforts are useless, and social problems far from disappearing, they are just increased or maintained in the time.

This current world is accustomed to speaking about society as if it were an impersonal concept. Moreover, societies are handled as a whole, based on general statistics. So, humans not only become a number, but they also become invisible under a bigger, more favorable "umbrella" which is called society. Then the concept itself becomes an impersonal entity only containing its components, but forgetting that each component is an individual entity with its personal problems and needs.

Social matters

It cannot be this way. Why? Because this doesn´t match the reality as it is. And the reality is that all societies are just a union of individuals.

We do not believe that a society can reach its well-being when its atomic components do not have the well–being of each individual.

We will promote and defend all social programs or social activities which are capable to get this dignity back.

If we can help construct well-balanced and fair individuals, the whole society will also be like that.

Energy and engineering.

The field of energy in all its shapes is probably one of the most controlled fields all around the world.

We can see around us how this control is done. This control is limiting, restricting and complicating the access of each person to the full amount of energy that they may need or may claim for. The energy to be used to meet their needs, whatever those needs can be.

Everyone should have free and have unlimited access to all the energy that they may need at any moment.

Energy and engineering

We go into the logics of this matter having in mind that the amount of energy available is conceptually infinite, and that energy is not created nor destroyed, but just transformed to be available and useful in the form to meet daily needs.

Then, nobody can believe that the available amount of energy is limited because this is not true and it makes people depend on powers and lobbies, whose main interest is not people but profit and control over others. This has only one name: SLAVERY. And it cannot be tolerated.

Knowing this, inaction would turn us into silent accomplices in playing this tragedy. Doing nothing while we can do something makes us guilty. As guilty as those who do everything to keep this lie alive and use it as a control panel.

Manufacturing and intellectual creation.

The primitive men built their tools with their own hands. Nowadays, our tools become more complex to be built than those which can be built in much simpler ways. But men and women all around the world have powerful brains capable of imagining absolutely wonderful things, inventions, machines, and solutions…

The problem is that in many cases, those silent geniuses cannot bring their mind creations to reality, because the manufacturing capability for complex operations is restricted and concentrated in few hands or it is more expensive than what should be affordable.

Manufacturing and intellectual creation

Hence, this becomes a problem when innovation cannot be produced to serve the needs of those who originated it. This is a big problem and it delays the whole humanity. This problem needs to be solved because these ideas and innovations cannot be simply lost or dismissed.

Missing the opportunity to bring a mind creation to reality is always a pity.

So then… as per our understanding, the manufacturing capability should be within reach of everyone.

Free worldwide commerce of products and services.

In concordance with the principle of access to manufacturing of intellectual creations, the capability to make these creations available to other people is a must for the correct growth and development of the people who make them.

A person can create not only things solely for himself. Those same things can also be useful for others. Doing commerce of goods and services has been the common universal way of getting resources from ancient ages to today, to be used to meet other needs.

Closed trade markets, customs taxes and several types of restrictions make the laws of demand and supply unbalanced. They do not correspond to real and natural needs. Some dirty marketing techniques also create false demands or expectations that are too far away from the real and natural need for those products and services. This makes no favor for free self-controlled commerce. More than that it makes it very difficult to understand what the real needs of the world are.

Free worldwide commerce

Of course, in many cases it is possible to see that goods remain in stock losing their added value, or they rot like, for example, food, because it is difficult to meet a distant demand. Or because, simply, nobody in the production sector knows that there is demand somewhere else. In many cases, it's a waste of resources and money. So it is anti-economic and even anti-environmental.

In the case of services, a similar thing happens because maybe a service is needed where there are too many complications or restrictions to provide it.

Free commerce is healthy for global wealth and allows individuals' economic independence. Plus to this, it is a filter for ideas. It measures the success of some ideas or goods. Therefore, we promote all initiatives of free commerce, and we are quite interested in making supply and demand meet wherever those both may be needed.

Health and sanitation

Since the industrial revolution and the growth of the economy around the production sector, the human health has been deteriorated by several kinds of poisons resulting in new health problems such as allergies and deceases that are quite new with no similar precedent in history. Nothing like that was seen or registered before.

The lack of ethics in the performance of many companies and public entities involved in health and a short ranged materialistic understanding of human beings as machines are not helping to bring more health.

On one hand we are supposed to have the best scientific advances in health and medicine, on the other, there are more and more people with weak health and sanitary problems than ever before.

And also, health is not considered to be a natural state but a privilege. Of course, a lot of people all around the world have no access to basic medical aid or to real solutions to their problems.

All modern understanding of medicine, despite modern surgery and some medications (really wonderful advances), is based on the treatment of symptoms ignoring the causes. The same can be said about the industrial understanding of benefit and profit in which medical aid is dehumanized. It does not allow professionals to pay real attention to their patients, because the time they have to investigate each case is limited.

The tragedy of this reality reaches its peak when a person is not allowed to decide over his or her life or what medical treatment he or she prefers, or simply, he is not given a choice.

Health and sanitary

We reject those who call themselves scientists and lack the scientific method and act with a stereotypical understanding. We also reject those who do not understand the human health in a holistic way and who do not believe in easy and cheap ways to improve health.

We want to get good health for humanity. All advances in that direction are really interesting to us. So we will go in this direction, we will keep these advances, and we will even promote them wherever our activities can be developed.

Worldwide transport of goods, services and people.

More than ever, we can think of our planet as the one and only place which is becoming smaller and more connected each day. We can think now about the concept of a Global Village.

But still there are big problems connected with the rapid movement of goods and services with a real low cost.

And also for people, traveling result in time consumption and big expenses… and it is also a very sensible matter because of some political or territorial restrictions or prejudices.

Worldwide transport

Thanks to technical advances, it is possible to completely transform the understanding of traveling and understanding of goods and services shipment. In many cases, it can be increased in speed. It can also be done in automatized ways.

Our objective as society shall be being able to send whatever to wherever, or traveling to whatever place, in a way so quick and so cheap that anyone will be capable of doing it, independently of the amount to be sent, or wherever your presence can be required.

And yes. We will do our best to achieve this objective.

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