Why our eight pillars are like that?

Our eight pillars are our reason to be. Somehow… our mission.

In between all of them, we can cover most of the aspects of human life and human needs.

In whatever place where there is a lack of freedom or justice, some of those aspects are strongly controlled. It happens because having all of them freely and in availability makes people become genuinely free and independent.


So, to allow the humanity to have no needs or dependencies, and to have a better future on the horizon, we strongly think that all these aspects should be cared for in order to provide people with a real control of their lives and destiny, ensuring the same opportunities for each one, and a safe environment to live in, to self-govern, and to grow innate individual talents.

Another world is possible. Much better indeed, but not without all this freedom and capabilities at the close reach for each human being on the planet. It will not be without efforts. Not either without respect and mutual understanding. Not even without truly smart real engineering and technology, in opposition to some dirty techniques of social engineering which is too much on the trend now.

We would like to think that it is a noble mission, worth to become a reality. And as any other high thinking, this is a battle which deserves to be fought. An ideal to follow.

This is in general a complement sine-qua-non to human rights.

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